Which Clothes Is the Emperor Wearing?—Part 1

May 30, 2012

Clients come to us with binders of data and years of care from a variety of specialists.  They feel defeated and frustrated and have a healthy mistrust of experts who left them to believe that their skills reached a plateau or something within them obstructed further progress.  We have come to believe that the trusted experts’ skills reached a plateau.

Some fields are yet to be standardized which allows great variance in training, competence and public accountability.    Professionals have completed years of study in accredited programs, spent years in supervised training to attain a foundation of competence in their field, and then passed strenuous licensure examinations assuring standard of care and confidentiality.  They are dedicated to maintaining professional integrity and accountable to themselves, their accreditation boards, and the public.   Their training, credentials and reputations are in the public record.  

  So, which clothes is the emperor wearing and how do you know?

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