Which Clothes Is the Emperor Wearing?—Part 3

June 14, 2012

The final lesson from the emperor—– Pay attention, believe your insight when (as we say in Texas) “somethin’ ain’t right”.

Care giving is like driving, it requires continual incremental adjustments according to road conditions.

You have a knowing.  You know your loved one.  You know yourself. You know that inner wisdom is screaming for your attention.  You need not apologize for loving someone and wanting the best for them.  It is not about right or wrong. 

Sometimes you will find yourself knowing something isn’t right and it’s hard to put into words.  Your child is not completing his college reading assignments.  You hired tutors and his testing over the years did not identify a reading disorder yet your visceral feeling lingers on. You have the tutors’ and examiners’ information.  Consider consulting different disciplines.  Who else could add additional insight from the data?  For example, a speech language pathologist experienced in identifying and remediating written language will interpret the data from a different perspective than the tutors and the neuropsychologists who tested him.

Every living being adapts and adjusts to the world around them every second of every day.  The nature of neurological differences makes the process of fine-tuning uniquely complex.  Multifaceted neurological differences are best cared for when allied professions collaborate.

Stay curious and be assertive.

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