Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

December 6, 2012

Yesterday the Senate said “no”.  They said “no” to uplifting the voices of people with disabilities around the world. We saw some Senators talking about how they  couldn’t support the Convention because it would create a ripple effect in the U.S resulting in the legislators directing parents’ choices.
Testing and services in public schools are determined by  legislation and budgets.  The special education system is legislated but not designed to teach and prepare students with disabilities for productive citizenship.  In some states the folks  leading state education agencies are lawyers not educators.  The best and the brightest educators become disillusioned and leave the public school system  within 3 to 5 years. The educators who remain, do their best to teach children within the policies of the school district administrators who follow the dictates of the legislators.

Few families have the means or a generous enough healthcare plan affording them the freedom to choose between public school or private services for their child .  People with disabilities and their families want the freedom to be included, to be heard and to choose.  If a disabled child receives public school services, then legislators are already involved in educational choices.
Senators, don’t shut the barn door, the  cow already got away.
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